The benefits

TFT SWIMMING CAMPS is a division of Track & Field Tours Ltd ( which was established in 1991, and has operated as an official UK group travel and sports tour operator for eight Olympic Games. We have coordinated the training camp arrangements for thousands of athletes and their coaches for over 20 years. Our staff, who are sports people themselves, have a great knowledge of all of the venues featured within our programme and will provide you with accurate information suitable to your team or club’s exact requirements. We specialise in good, honest advice on each destination and will help you with the planning and administration of your sports tour from start to finish. 


The Weather

Training through the British winter (and even spring and autumn for that matter!) can be miserable at the best of times. A training camp offers the perfect opportunity to experience swimming in an outdoor 50 metre pool and complete the training sessions in the sunshine. Swimmers will return home with a spring in their step and a renewed motivation for training for the season.

The Training Benefit

A training camp will allow swimmers to leave their regular life and routines behind for a few days and purely focus on training. No distractions, no school/college and no excuses! Even a one-week block of focused pool ad land training can have a huge positive impact on athletic performance for the remainder of the season.

The Coaching

The opportunity to have access to coaching during a training camp is invaluable. Club/Team coaches will be watching and analysing training over the course of the training camp and will always be on hand to offer feedback when required.


The benefits of training and socialising with like-minded individuals are enormous. Personal self-development opportunities for younger athletes are invaluable.  The most long-lasting friendships are forged through joint experiences and a training camp offers plenty of challenging experiences for everyone.


Rest and recovery are often neglected. A training camp offers the opportunity to not only train like a professional athlete but also recover like a professional athlete. With time to stretch, relax and sleep, a training camp will have everything set up so that all a group has to do is to concentrate on getting the most from every session.

The Facilities

A training camp location should give all swimmers access to elite level training facilities that may be difficult to come across when back at home. Outdoor swimming locations with plenty of land training possibilities are what a group should expect to be on the doorstep of a training camp location.


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